W3C Office in Italy

Logo W3C Office in Italy

CNR, as ERCIM and W3C Member, hosts the W3C Office in Italy, which is located at ISTI.
The mission of an office can be summarized as follows:

To promote adoption of W3C recommendations among developers, application builders, and standards setters, and to encourage inclusion of stakeholder organizations in the creation of future recommendations by joining W3C.

There are a number of general issues which initiated the office program of W3C:

To answer to these challenges, W3C partners with regional organizations wishing to further W3C's mission by establishing local W3C offices. These W3C Offices assist with promotion efforts in local languages, help broaden W3C's geographical base, and encourage international participation in W3C Activities.
Generally speaking, they promote the activities of W3C. This may include

Everybody is invited to join and contribute to the success of W3C's work. The role of the Offices is to disseminate this very fact and to work with W3C Team to invite the local industries to actively participate in the development of Web technology, together leading the Web to its full potential.

Each office maintains a local web site (http://www.w3c.it/ is the Italian Office Website), following a common style, which lists the activities in the region and includes staff contact information. These web sites are linked from the Offices' Site at W3C.