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A Comprehensive Model for Web Sites Quality

Oreste Signore, <>
via Moruzzi, 1
56124 Pisa

WSE 2005

7th IEEE International Symposium on Web Site Evolution
Budapest, Hungary - September 26, 2005

Slides at: ../../../talks/2005/wse2005/

Table of contents

Talk layout

Views on quality

But many overlaps


Therefore ...

Or, again the old problem of maintenance:

... and we have yet legacy web sites !!

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Some considered evaluation criteria

Some considerations

Talk layout

A possible strategy

Five dimensions

  1. Correctness
  2. Presentation
  3. Content
  4. Navigation
  5. Interaction

The process

Evaluation is ... a semantic activity that needs the human intervention

The (elementary) site model

Some aspects are ignored

Information stored in the quality database can improve maintenance

The page components

Talk layout


Automatically checked, at page granularity


Several aspects to consider:

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Presentation: layout

Immediately perceived by the user (at first glance the site is ...)

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Presentation: text

Ease of reading (size, color)

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Presentation: multimedia

Function: essential element or just page enrichment

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Presentation: links

Essential component - here considered just as far as presentation is concerned

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Presentation: forms

Considering only presentation (accessibility) issues

esempio di form corretto

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very important in some contexts (e.g. for cultural web sites)
  • not just a recent and web related issue (see Flesh, and Rudolph, "The Art of Readable Writing", Macmillan Publishing, 1949)
  • readability index, related to the web site purpose and user's skill
Information architecture
  • different difficulty levels
  • summary and details
  • stretchable text
  • user customizable content
Information structuring
  • number of subheading per heading
  • number of paragraphs per heading
  • mean paragraph length
  • total paragraph length
  • number of sentences in a paragraph
Author vs webmaster

Navigation (1)

Navigation (2)

"All the links are equal, but some links are more equal than others"

Interaction (form)

user is advised of form filling and submitting consequences
  • in the form page
  • after operation completion, the user is advised of effects, and undo is possible
user can contribute to the content

Talk layout

Other issues

A blueprint (summarizing)

All criteria can be related to some measurable characteristics

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Thanks for your attention


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